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For properties within the Nottingham City Council area only. If you are unsure please check using our Address Finder

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    * Refer to our Policy Handbook for guidance. Please mark proposed numbers on the plan if location is not obvious from description.
    * Refer to our Policy Handbook for guidance
    * Refer to our Policy Handbook for guidance and give reasons for each suggestion:


    By selecting an option below and submitting this application to the Council

    • You confirm that you are the legal owner of the property/development/land or have permission to act on their behalf and, as such, have the right to make the application.
    • You confirm that any plans submitted show the final property layout for the development.
    • You also confirm you understand that once addresses have been officially assigned, a fee will be charged for re-addressing if any change is necessary.

    We will use the information provided by you for processing your Address Management service request. For more information on how we process this data, please view the Address Management privacy notice

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